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Although there is a lot of information available on hair care, not all of it is always helpful. Through our own research and experimentation we have compiled the most helpful tips. We have actually seen an improvement in our hair by implementing these changes in hair care routine and have been tested on different hair types. 

1. Choose a good shampoo

It is essential that you select a hair cleanser that does not contain alcohols as its base. Check the ingredient list for different types of alcohols and harsh chemicals that will only damage your hair leaving it dry and dull. Look for natural ingredients that are listed high up on the ingredient’s list. The problem with many shampoos is that in the beginning it may give the appearance of shine, but with a few uses, you start to notice that your hair becomes drier, unmanageable and weighed down. Continuously exposing your hair to damaging chemicals can eventually irritate your scalp, affect your pores and damage your hair cuticle. 

Also look out for fragrances. Many times people select their hair products based on what these products smell like. The word “fragrance” hides a long list of harsh chemicals behind it. Many cosmetic companies claim to have a proprietary formula, which allows them to hide harmful ingredients behind the term “fragrance”.

2. Water temperature

Never wash your hair with hot water. Hot water strips your hair of its natural oils. Always use cool water. Some people recommend using warm water to expand the hair cuticle during the initial part of the cleansing process in order to loosen dirt and residues, I never recommend it. Cool water will work just as well and it will not make hair too elastic. When hair is too elastic, it will stretch and it breaks much more easily. 

3. Towel dry hair gently

Once you are done washing your hair, gently squeeze out excess water with your hands making sure not to twist your hair since it can damage it. After, grab sections of hair and blot and squeeze gently with a soft towel. Start at the roots and work your way down to the tips. It is very important to blot, never rub your hair since it will make it frizzy and it can cause breakage. 

4. Embrace your natural hair

Embracing our natural beauty can be very attractive. Someone who is confident about their appearance and themselves always has a little extra sparkle. Sometimes it’s fun to change your hair texture and experiment with different hair colors and styles, but do keep in mind that continuous chemical processing and styling can damage hair. 

The right hair cleanser can make you fall back in love with your natural hair. If you have naturally curly hair and you provide your hair with the nutrients it needs, it will no longer be frizzy and it will be soft and shiny. If your hair is very fine it might feel flat but the right cleanser will infuse it with life by giving it body, shine and that extra bounce that we all love. 

5. Protect from UV damage (same as skin and eyes)

It is important to protect our hair from the damages of sun exposure. Same as our skin, our hair looses moisture when exposed to UV rays, this can cause your hair to feel dry and it can cause discoloration. To cover your hair from the sun you can always wear a stylish hat. There are also all kinds of cute hairdos you can do with scarfs. 


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