Oleim Nutri Mask and different hair types

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The use of Nutri Mask plus certain specific beauty routines for each hair type will allow you to have beautiful hair full of vitality. 


Fine Hair

Since it is thinner than other types of hair it gets affected much more easily by changes in the weather, the use of hair dryers and flat irons, and hair dyes. Its lack of body makes it get tangled more easily and it is more difficult to hydrate. 

After washing hair avoid rubbing it, it is ideal to wrap it with a towel allowing it to dry by itself. If hair drying is needed it is best to use at low or medium temperatures to prevent damage from artificial heat. Our cleansing and treatment line is special for sensitive hair because it is nourishing, moisturizing and strengthening. 

Thick Hair

This type of hair is identified by the diameter of each strand being greater which means it contains more protein, making it stronger. This makes it more resistant to cosmetic treatments like hair dyeing, styling, hair drying, straightening and more. Its disadvantage is that it absorbs much more humidity from the environment, causing freeze and excessive volume, this being its most frequent issue. Each strand has many layers of cuticles giving it a more coarse and unruly feel and appearance, for this reason the use of a smoothing oil is recommended in order to seal the cuticles and achieve softer, natural hair. Certain products that contain silicones relax the cuticle and initially provide this feeling of softness but its continuous use forms a non-soluble (water insoluble) layer that does not allow nutrients and moisture to penetrate each strand weakening hair and making it brittle. 

In order for this type of hair to look healthy and full of life it is very important to keep it hydrated. In this case Nutri Mask treatment can be used more frequently, every time hair is cleansed. Oleim’s ™ products can be used daily if needed because their formulations are very mild and natural. 

Dry Hair

It is defined by a lack of natural oils that provide essential protection. In many cases it has a straw-like quality, gets tangled and breaks easily. The oil deficiency causes the hair cuticle to be porous, rough and dull. This type of hair lacks flexibility and split ends are very common. 

This genetic characteristic is aggravated by certain external factors like chlorine in pools, too much sun, shampoos that lather excessively, sea salt, high temperature blow drying, use of flat irons, hair dyes and environmental humidity. 

When using traditional shampoos, dry hair should not be washed frequently in order to keep it from further loosing moisture. Oleim™ Cleansing and Conditioning Cream can be used daily because it cleanses and balances hair without stripping natural oils from the scalp and cuticles. A massage with Oleim™ Nutri Mask nourishes the scalp repairing and maintaining hair from root to tip by sealing its surface with protective oils. 

Oily Hair

Overly active sebaceous glands give hair a shiny appearance making this type of hair get dirty more frequently. Extra oil/grease can promote the presence of bacterias related to dandruff, making it important to cleanse hair more frequently with a mild product like Oleim™ Cleansing and Conditioning Cream, which can be used daily when needed. Continuous use of Oleim™ can help your hair transition into Normal type of hair. 

Oleim™ Nutri Mask contains natural oils similar to those found in hair. These oils have properties that balance and heal the follicles and sebaceous glands. Nutri Mask is easily and quickly absorbed making it suitable for any type of hair. 

Coily Hair (kinky)

This type of hair is very fragile and its curved structure has less cuticle layers making it more susceptible to heat sources. When coily hair is flat ironed too often it gets very dry with split ends. It has great volume and density. Since it has a tendency to get tangled towards the tips, deep hydration is of utmost importance as well as the use of your fingers as your main styling tool. 

Nutri Mask is special for coily hair since its application before cleansing hydrates the scalp and hair, stimulating the secretion of natural oils. Using it regularly before each cleansing can substitute the use of hot oil treatments. The use of a soothing oil is recommended after straightening hair or if a natural look is desired. 

Curly Hair

There are different types of curls, tight curls are the most delicate. Tight curls have a small, corkscrew pattern and hair shaft tends to expand loosing its tight “S” shape silhouette, appearing dense and unruly. The surface of curly hair is not straight and its cuticle is not flat, causing lack of shine and dryness, which is why it is so important to take special care of this type of hair. 

Untangling hair before cleansing it can prevent it from breaking and suffering further damage. It is also essential to use a nourishing cleanser, like Oleim™ Cleansing and Conditiong Cream, that is not alcohol based and does not contain silicones or strong detergents so natural oils can be preserved in order to provide shine and health. After cleansing, hair must not be rubbed with towel and a shirt towel is highly recommended since it is much more gentle. 

Using Nutri Mask before cleansing hair is very beneficial because it gives it the hydration boost it needs in order to stay strong and protected. It is always better to air dry and use fingers to comb through with your head upside down while gently shaking your hair. If using a hair dryer, use with a diffuser at a low setting.


Oleim™ Nutri Mask is also designed to maintain normal hair healthy because it is not an invasive treatment and it will not cause an imbalance by drying or introducing too much oil. 

Don’t compare your hair with others. Even though there are general categories of types of hair, each one is unique. Accept your hair, get to know it, take care of it and love it with Oleim™. 

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