Scalp Massage Tips For Relaxation & Hair Growth

Scalp massages increase blood circulation and therefore help hair follicles obtain the nutrients needed for hair growth and strength. Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss, daily scalp massages will help you relax and avoid its damaging effects on your body. Dry skin and dandruff can also affect hair growth which is why it is very important to keep hair hydrated and free from harsh chemicals and detergents.

The following massage tips will infuse vitality while having a relaxing effect. To optimize its benefits you can apply Oleim™ Nutri Mask Intensive Treatment first and then massage to improve the health and growth of your hair. Massaging while nourishing with a natural hair treatment will strengthen the root and hair shaft. 

Massage using Nutri Mask throughout head and emphasize areas with less hair. Apply pressure by firmly anchoring fingers on scalp, without sliding fingers so there is no friction. Repeat as much as desired.  


  • With the tips of your fingers slightly apart apply pressure on the scalp and firmly rotate finger tips without sliding fingers. Then, move to a different area and repeat same movement until you cover entire scalp. 
  • Place the palms of your hands on top of your head, one on top of the other. Move your hands like you’re pinching your scalp with the entire hand. Lift palms and move to a different area. 
  • Using both hands, one in front of the other with a 1 inch separation, place fingertips on the scalp and push fingers towards each other to pinch scalp slightly. Repeat all over head.

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