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Hair Care Tips

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Although there is a lot of information available on hair care, not all of it is always helpful. Through our own research and experimentation we have compiled the most helpful tips. We have actually seen an improvement in our hair by implementing these changes in hair care routine and have been tested on different hair types.  1. Choose a good shampoo It is essential that you select a hair cleanser that does not contain alcohols as its base. Check the ingredient list for different types of alcohols and harsh chemicals that will only damage your hair leaving it dry and...

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Scalp Massage Tips For Relaxation & Hair Growth

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Scalp massages increase blood circulation and therefore help hair follicles obtain the nutrients needed for hair growth and strength. Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss, daily scalp massages will help you relax and avoid its damaging effects on your body. Dry skin and dandruff can also affect hair growth which is why it is very important to keep hair hydrated and free from harsh chemicals and detergents. The following massage tips will infuse vitality while having a relaxing effect. To optimize its benefits you can apply Oleim™ Nutri Mask Intensive Treatment first and then massage to improve the...

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Oleim Nutri Mask and different hair types

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The use of Nutri Mask plus certain specific beauty routines for each hair type will allow you to have beautiful hair full of vitality.    Fine Hair Since it is thinner than other types of hair it gets affected much more easily by changes in the weather, the use of hair dryers and flat irons, and hair dyes. Its lack of body makes it get tangled more easily and it is more difficult to hydrate.  After washing hair avoid rubbing it, it is ideal to wrap it with a towel allowing it to dry by itself. If hair drying is...

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