Amalumy® Natural Shampoo - Keratin & Calendula - 16 oz - Buy 2 and Save

Amalumy® Natural Shampoo - Keratin & Calendula - 16 oz - Buy 2 and Save

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AMALUMY®️ Keratin & Calendula Natural Shampoo is the vegetable alternative to animal keratin. It works well for all hair types and is extremely beneficial for thick, curly, frizzy, dry or coarse hair. Fine hair also benefits from added body and shine. This natural shampoo provides protection from hair salon processes by leaving a protective coating against heat and chemicals without weighing hair down. 

Our Keratin formula is formaldehyde-free. Keratin is one of the main components of hair, nails and skin. It helps keep hair healthy and minimizes damages. AMALUMY®️ Keratin & Calendula Natural Shampoo supplies hair with the necessary protein that is naturally lost with time. Your hair will naturally become more elastic and easier to comb. Hair gets stronger, smoother and more manageable each time you cleanse it. 


Wet hair with cool water, then apply AMALUMY®️ Shampoo as needed for deep cleansing and conditioning. Massage scalp. leave on at least a few minutes to allow hair and scalp to absorb all the nutrients. Rinse with cool water. Style as usual. 

If deeper conditioning and intensive repair is needed use AMALUMY®️Nutri Mask before washing hair. 




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